We also have contractual arrangements which ensure a steady supply of material from the mining sector and heavy industry.

The material that enters our yards is weighed, recorded on camera and routed to the correct department; it then enters the processing cycle to achieve the final product specification by utilising the following systems:

  • Steel – graded, cut, sheared, baled or shredded
  • Non-Ferrous graded and cleaned
  • Glass – graded, cleaned and crushed

Various machines and types of equipment are utilised, including grab and magnet excavators, highand low-density steel balers, cardboard and plastic balers, 600t and 300t shredders and presses, shears, croppers and manual gas cutters. The final product is then transported to our local customers or packed on site for the export market.

Technical Description

The Drake 2000-16 HM is a compact hammer mill type metal shredding system.

This model is capable of efficiently shredding the following types of metal scrap:

  • Light mixed scrap
  • Entire mixed metal scrap bales or car bales
  • Entire cars including engines, transmissions, running gear etc.
  • Aluminum and other types of non-ferrous material
  • Able to process 6000 Tons per month